My works on paper explore human pathos present in the modern First World condition, which I have exaggerated and made absurd in an effort to understand the world around me.  My figures are extremely sensitive, but they frequently misidentify their emotions.  They have their own coping mechanisms, and in some cases they simply don’t cope. They are volatile, hurling themselves to the floor at the slightest provocation.  Part of why they attack each other is that they seek physical contact. I believe that they get very lonely. They are sensorily inclined and curious, which manifests in both inward and outward emotional behaviors that range from quietly contemplative to the exploration of certain sadistic impulses. They seem unaware of their own nudity, lending them a kind of wide-eyed innocence. They are laid bare.

Combining line-work and gestures inspired from centuries-old woodcuts, and a vaudeville, slapstick style, I use sticks, brushes, and syringes to swirl ink around my figures creating sentient dream-like landscapes. When I pour water on my drawings, I can't control the water, but I try to collaborate with it, playing with the chance of something happening between small pen marks and loose gestural strokes. The water soaks into the fibers of the paper causing it to tense and relax, making the surface buckle into hills and pools, which continue to change as they slowly dry.  The contractions of the page become muscles under the skin or ripples in the floor.